Our doctors are available for appointments at the following times:

 Practitioner Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Andrew Pither  2 to 6pm 8am to 12.15pm 8am to 5pm 2 to 6pm 3 to 5pm Revolving
availability of doctors
(9am to
Janiffer Williams  8am to 5pm N/A 9am to 6pm 8.30am to 5.30pm 8am to 3pm
Jillian Webster  9am to 12.15pm  N/A  9am to 12.15pm N/A  9am to 12.15pm
Ray Chan  8.30am to 5pm 9am to 6pm N/A 8am to 5pm 2 to 5pm
Sophie Samuel  N/A 8am to 5pm 9am to 5pm N/A 8.30am to 6pm